Best Survival Stocking Stuffers – A guide to the essential prepper gear

Not only are stocking stuffers nice, but they also are small enough to shove into a back pack and 72-hour kit. These are my three MUST HAVES.

1. Magnesium Bar

Not only are these little guys fun to play with (they create a very bright spark like a firework), they are cheap, can be bought on line or in stores, and are very easy to use. I have used my magnesium fire starter in the rain and snow. Plus, you really don’t need very much tinder to make it work.

There are tons of youtube videos on these, but basically you just find some fine tinder (lint from a jacket, dried grass, small wood shavings), and place them on top of your kindling (small pieces of wood). Then you take the magnesium bar and just shave off some of the metal onto the tinder.

Once you have a nice pile of metal-ish stuff, you flip it to the striker and make a spark. And just like that the magnesium ignites and the tinder catches. Truly it is that easy.

You can find these at any store that sells camping gear for about $10.

Amazon sells them for $4.22. Buy it here.


2. Headlamp

Now this might sound cheesy, but head lamps are such a necessity! Think about chores you do around the house: laundry, dishes, fixing appliances, cooking, maybe caring for a child… now think about doing that with a flash light in your hand.

All of my 72-hour kits only have head lamps. They are so practical. I have even seem them woven into a warm hat! (Talk about a fashion statement!) These are also less then $20 dollars and can be found anywhere that sells camping gear or work gear. I recommend one that uses AAA batteries. Some require a watch style battery which can be difficult to find.

Amazon sells a great one for $8.49. Buy it here.


3. Multi-Tool

Many preppers would advise you to buy a very expensive multi-tool. However, my advice to to buy high quality knives and a lesser grade multi-tool. In an emergency or survival situation, you really shouldn’t rely on just a multi-tool. They are easy to break, lose, and get stolen.

A middle of the road multi-tool can really get the job done. Amazon sells a great one for $24.74. Buy it here.


Have a wonderful, self-reliant Christmas!

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