Current Thanksgiving Weekend Deals 2016 – Gear that you actually need

This post is going to high light some of the deals you can find this weekend, however, these are quality items. You may find yourself referencing this list all year long.


KA-BAR knives


This knife is from the KA-BAR website. Here is the link.

The Sale: KA-BAR is having a sale on their website. For every dollar you spend, you receive that many dollars to buy something else. Basically buy one, get one free.

For How Long: Nov. 23-Nov. 28 at midnight (EST)

Why You Want Them: KA-BAR knives are some of the highest quality knives around. They have a life time warranty, many are made in the USA, have superior balance, made of high quality steel, the steel runs through the whole handle, and come in tactical varieties. The military uses several varieties of their knives. If you don’t believe me, read the reviews yourself.


Remington Guns


This picture is from Remington’s Black Friday deal rebate. Here’s the link.

The Sale: Remington’s website is offering mail in rebates for Black Friday. Many of these deals last until the 27th though. The rebates are for any ammunition, RM380 hand guns, and up to $100 on their long guns.

For How Long: Purchases must be made from Nov. 24-Nov. 27 (from any location or on their website). The mail in rebates must be sent in by December 12.

Why You Want Them: Remington is a classic name in the gun industry. I love them. Millions of other people love them. They work great, they have a warranty, you can trust the name, have them custom made, and are common enough to find accessories.


Dick’s Sporting Goods: ScentLock Clothing


This picture is from Dick’s Sporting Goods website. Here is the link.

The Sale: All scent lock clothing is buy one get one free. It also is free shipping and free in-store returns.

For How Long: Just for Black Friday

Why You Want Them: These are quality winter gear plus they reduce the cost of scent removal sprays.


Cabela’s Free Shipping and Sales


This picture was taken from the Cabela’s website. Here is the link.

The Sale: I was going to feature a few items from Cabela’s but they have too many great items for sale. You really should just check it you yourself.

For How Long: Some are just for Black Friday, and some are for the Holiday season. The free shipping is until November 28.

Why You Want Them: Cabela’s has great return policies, feature quality brands, and usually carry everything you want. A few things you may want to pay attention to are: For every $99 you spend, you receive $20 in Cabela’s Cash. SOG has a tool kit on sale for $50. Pack of six carbon arrows on sale for $25. Several fly fishing rods are as much as half off.


Harvest Right Freeze Dryer

Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 10.59.18 AM.png

This picture was taken from Harvest Right’s Website. Here is the link.

The Sale: All freeze dryers are $500 off.

For How Long: Just for Black Friday.

Why You Want Them: This is a trusted and fair priced brand of freeze dryer. Freeze drying allows you to store your own food for 20 years or more. When you freeze dry, you don’t need to stress about he moisture content. You can be assured the your food will keep long term.


The Wise Company Food Storage

The Sale: Food storage items are 40% off until they are out of supplies!

For How Long: Until November 28th or the supplies are out.

Why You Want This: This is a stable freeze dried food company that can ensure your family always has food. The 40% mark down is one of the better deals I have seen.


Emergency Essentials


This logo was taken from the emergency essentials website. Here is the link.

The Sale: Up to 70% off food storage.

For How Long: Just for Black Friday

Why You Want This: Emergency essential has a 30 day return policy on all of their products, and ensure quality. Their website is also featuring Harvest Right products for about $1,000 less than the Harvest  Right website.


Comment below if you find any other great deals this Holiday!

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