How to Harvest Tomato Seeds


One of my favorite plants to grow are tomatoes. They so tasty fresh from the garden! After growing a fabulous plant, I want to recreate the plant the following year. Especially my purple tomatoes. Those hierloom tomatoes have been so delicious to eat fresh. Unfortunately those are pictured below.

Tomatoes are some of the most popular plants to grow in the United States. Make sure to pick tomatoes from your healthiest plant, and that have a good taste. Do not want to pull these seeds from a green tomato. Wait until the tomato is red and ripe.


Here are your steps:


Step 1: Slice your tomato in the middle, long ways, and scoop out the mushy seeds into a cup or jar.


Step 2: Add a enough water to help the seeds to float. This helps the seed and jelly mixture to ferment or go bad. This process prepares removes the jelly around the seeds, and helps the seeds to stay healthy for the next year.


Step 3: Cover the mixture and let it stay out in a warm, sunny place.


Step 4: Stir the mixture once a day until there is a white-ish mold growing on the top.


Step 5: Carefully scoop the mold out without dumping the seeds. Pour the water and any seeds floating on top out into the sink. Seeds that float will not grow into plants. Dump the remaining seeds in a fine mesh strainer, and rinse until clean.

Note: Do not forget about your seeds for more than 4 days and allow black mold to grow all over your seeds. (yes. the first trial was a failure, haha)


Step 6: Allow seeds to dry completely for several days. You will know they are dry because they will no longer stick to each other when they are spread thin. Store in a dark, airtight container. Then you will have your perfect seeds for the spring!

Let me know if you run into any problems or want to chat about this process more!

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