First blog post

Lots of firsts…

I recently had my first baby. And moved. And my husband started a new job. And I changed from a full time special education teacher, to a blogger. To say our family has had some transitions would be an understatement.

So while all these transitions are… transitioning, I have started this new endeavor to share my thoughts and research on homesteading. I know, I know, there’s a lot of blogs out there. I’m probably crazy to try to get something like this going. But I want people to know this information. A place where people can find things that are useful and real. And if you are interested, I am going to share my backstory.

A few years ago, I actually created a 400 page document with one of my good friends. We wanted a place to put all of our research, and we called it our survival guide. I worked a night shift at drug rehabilitation center for adult women, and watching people sleep tended to be boring. Most evenings I spent my time looking up everything I could on how to survive in the wilderness.

During that time I was in an unhealthy relationship. I was depressed. Working on this project with my friend was a huge outlet for me. I felt empowered to continue learning and trying new things. There’s an energy that comes from knowing how to take care of yourself without modern conveniences. We would look up ideas, and then try them out ourselves. We made rocket stoves, buddy burners, fire starters, tried freeze dried beef (guess what it’s pretty gross!), looked up prices, dry canned, wet canned, used pressure cookers, and looked up all types of books. I just fell in love with learning something new, trying it, and then having it as a saftey net, just in case.

After some time, I realized that people were interested in what I was doing. I had people reach out to me for questions. So I kept learning and teaching.

Eventually I left that negative relationship. I am now married and have my beautiful baby girl. And while my life certainly has not settled down at all, I am excited to be sharing my research, trial and errors, successes, and myself.

Here we go!

6 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. originalhortbabe says:

    I am so glad you shared your reasons for how you started on your path. I started my path towards self-sufficiency for similar reasons. Ten years ago I was struggling with addiction and mental health issues. Six years ago when I met my current partner I was winning the fight against addiction and mental health issues but was still struggling with homelessness. Today I have a home, a career in the helping professions, and a wonderful life with that same partner. My path of knowledge also gave me strength and security when I needed it the most.


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